X-MAS CTF is a big Capture the Flag competition at the end of the year. It is organized by the Hecarii, Tuica si Paunii CTF Team, with the purpose of gathering round hackers from all leagues for one last CTF of the year, holiday-style.

Both beginners and experienced players are welcome in this competition. There will be challenges for every skill level!

Last Year

For our first edition we have had an oustanding number of participants. A total number of 1375 Teams have participated, where 1023 have solved at least a challenge. There was 1 Team who has successfully solved all the challenges.

Why should I participate?

Since we have challenges ranging from all sorts of categories and difficulties, everyone will find something to do at X-MAS CTF 2019. The main goal here is to have fun, and to hack.

Some of the categories that we will have are the classic Web Exploitation, PWN, Reverse Engineering and Crypto, up to some more unique ones like Hardware, OSINT, and even Emulator-Writing.

We hope to see you on our Discord Server at the time of the competition.

Merry Christmas! - Sincerely, HTsP